Cases in Point

Advocacy Cases In Point

At Dorfman Mizrach & Thaler, LLP, we are proud of our ability to identify opportunity for our clients, even in seemingly adverse circumstances.

We assisted a medical practice that was about to dissolve due to partner dissatisfaction with a reorganization that created a better work environment for partners and their staff and improved morale across the organization. The practice has since experienced over 200% revenue growth.

We advised a publisher to buy out his partners rather than be forced out against his will. Our consultants developed the strategy, recommended the attorney, and arranged the financing our client needed to block the sale. Seven successful years later, the company sold at a 700% increase.

When a client invested in a theater company that performed poorly, she expected to pay a substantial sum of money to satisfy her share of the partnership’s obligations. We intervened and negotiated an agreement that protected our client’s financial interest, turning that potential liability into a cash receipt.

Frustrated to exhaustion by the managing agents of his New York City real estate holdings, a client turned to us for help. We successfully removed the existing property manager and took full control of the day-to-day operations of his buildings. As the result of our management, favorable lease negotiations, negotiation of refinancing, and responsible cash management, we were able to negotiate the sale of his holdings at a 300% increase over the previously appraised value.

We developed innovative gift strategies for several prominent families, preserving millions of dollars in wealth for their dynasties.

We were on the front end of recent changes to tax regulation that enabled our clients in the real estate industry to realize significant one-time and continuing tax benefits.

We have traveled the world to help clients negotiate the sale of their multi-national businesses.